Friday, 28 December 2012

Lush Party Popper

'Drop a Party Popper cone in your bath and watch it spin into action, as it goes on a spree across your bath spreading colours, fragrance, popping candy and soap confetti.  Softening your bathwater, fragrancing your skin and washing you clean.'

I get really excited when Lush release their Christmas products each year.  This year editions were no let down! 

I dropped it into a nice warm bath and it suddenly started to fizz up and spin around, as it started to dissolve into the water it released a few large pieces of soap confetti.  The water started to turn pink and blue and then the pink and blue mixed together to create a lovely pink magenta shade. It has a lovely fruity scent which lingers both on the skin and in the bathroom for hours.

I really enjoyed this bath bomb, I thought it was really fun and unique, hopefully it's on the Christmas list next year.
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