Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lush Butterball

Butterball has a beautiful smell of vanilla (my favourite smell in the world!). This is one of the smaller bath bombs from Lush but well worth the price (£2.40) because it is just what you need if skin is feeling a bit on the dry side or in need of some TLC. The smell is divine and lasts on the skin all day, it is very cocoa-buttery/vanilla.

It is a fairly quick fizzing one and it doesn't do anything epic to the water. However inside this little guy are tiny pockets of cocoa butter, which proceed to float atop the water. Butterball does cause quite a mess, the bath is left very oily and definitely will need a good scrub once you get out.


  1. It my first and fave Lush bathbomb, smells so edible :) x

  2. My absolute favorite bath bomb!!


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