Friday, 7 September 2012

Clinique Redness Solution Foundation Review

I have recently had some breakouts, red areas on my chin area, and I can't determine where they are coming from, I think it was my Mac Foundation (Sad Face). I'll start off by saying I have never had a Clinique foundation before, and I usually don't even look at the Clinique counter but for some reason I found myself over there looking at the foundations and I'm glad I did!

Redness Solutions offers an oil free formula. This contains probiotic technology which helps to strengthen your skin's natural barrier. It contains SPF and antioxidants, an interesting concoction.

This foundation is really lovely! It does really camouflage every single imperfection on your face, apart from my dark circles. I really liked the way it was so smooth and easy to apply providing excellent coverage, blending seamlessly with very little effort.

£21 for 30ml; pretty good value considering you barely use any on each application.

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