Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Nail Harmony Gelish Nail Polish

I finally decided to splurge on Nail and Harmony’s Gelish, one of the first soak-off gel systems.

 I got the basics which included:
  • Gelish pH Bond – to be used prior to application by prepping the nail as a dehydrating step. 
  • Gelish Foundation Base Gel – base coat. 
  • Gelish Soak-off Top It Off Sealer Gel – top coat. 
  • Gelish Structure Clear Gel – a clear gel that can be used on its own or to help strengthen thin, weak nails. 
  • Gelish Gel Cleanser – removes any sticky residue from the gel after you have cured them. 
  • Along with 4 Gelish Soak-off Gel Nail Polishes:
           Black Shadow (Black)
           Good Gossip (Glittery Red)
           Cocktail Party Drama (Plum)
           Make a Difference (Hot Pink)

The nail is prepared like a normal manicure, then there is some sort of ph bond, a foundation gel, two coats of colour and then a top coat. Each layer is cured or set with a UV or LED lamp. I have a LED lamp so each layer only needs 10-30 seconds to cure although a UV lamp can be used it takes a bit longer. I would recommend Gelish 100%. It is so far the best thing that I have tried and meant that my nails stayed chip free for the longest time possibly ever.

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