Monday, 8 October 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Dry Skin Mask

It's another Sunday afternoon which only means one thing......a relaxing pamper session!!

This Sunday I thought I'd try Montagne Jeunesse Dry Skin Mask as I had allergic reaction to something which left me with rather flakey dry skin.  

This is another two-step mask including a second step of a serum packed with antioxidants.  The mask contains blueberries and raspberries to moisturize and protect your face from free radicals. So applied the mask and let it sit on my face while I took a nice luxurious bubble bath.

This mask did really do wonders for my skin, it was incredibly hydrating and my dry patch disappeared.  The moisturizing serum helped seal everything in after I wiped away the face mask.  If you have dry skin, I would definitely recommend this.

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