Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lush Think Pink

I'm using the last of my Birthday Prsents that I got from my boyfriend from Lush and I've left the best till last ............ Think Pink. Think Pink is the ultimate girly bath bomb, firstly it's pink, also the cute candy flowers and the scent of vanilla and tonka with the added lavender oils make having a bath a pleasure not a chore. Once you pop this into the bath the water turns bright pink with hundred of confetti hearts floating around.

Once you jump out the bath, this leaves your skin soft and lightly scented.  You're skin will not feel oily, even though it does contain lavender oils.  Unlike some bath bombs, this left no yucky line around the bath and no discolouration.  Just a quick blast with the shower head and a wipe down, it was clean again.

Lush Think Pink is available from Lush Stores £2.45 each.

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