Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lush FUN Pink

On one of my many trips to Lush I came across their newest product FUN,  10p from each sale of FUN goes to help children affected by the Fukushima disaster in Japan.  It's a multipurpose product which you can use as a bubble bath, soap, shampoo, or to hand wash your clothes.

It comes in five different colours and scents; 

1. FUN Pink - Jam packed with the fruity, candy smells of childhood.
2. FUN Blue - Relax and feel ready for sleep when you wash with this mix of lavender, Moroccan chamomile and chamomile blue essential oils. The perfect bedtime bath.
3. FUN Yellow - Creamy vanilla tones evoke thoughts of seaside ice creams, granny's baking and home comforts.
4. FUN Green - A citrus burst of tangy lime and lemon essential oils will wake you up, keep you feeling fresh and focused and help you play for hours.
5. FUN Red - Mandarin and orange essential oils will make you think of sunny orange groves and freshly squeezed juice. Brings a bit of summer sun to your bath and play time.

As you can see I've picked FUN Pink, I used a little bit in the shower.   It's great, it creates a thick creamy lather all over the body. Work up a lather in your hand. They're certainly more moisturising than regular shower jellies and a lot less slippery.

Lush FUN is available online and in store  £5.00 each.

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