Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mac Sheer Select Pressed Powder NW25

I can't live without Mac Sheer Select Pressed Powder NW25 so when I'm coming to the bottom I have to quickly rush off to the nearest Mac Store to pick some up!
If you are wondering how to find the correct shade for Mac Foundations, Powders & Concealer, please see the below shade guide from sokissandmakeup.com;

The Letters stands for the different skin tones while the numbers refer to your skin's depth from 15 (fairest) to 55 (very dark skin)

N stands for Neutral skintones (Beige skin)
C stands for Cool skintones (Yellow, Golden, Olive skin)
W stands for Warm skintones (Pinkish skin)
NC stands for Neutral Cool skintones (Golden Beige skin)
NW stands for Neutral Warm skintones ( Pink Beige skin)

Now, to detemine your skin undertones take a look at your wrist or the underside of your arm.

If your veins are purplish blue - you have pink undertones
If your veins are greenish blue - you have yellow undertones
Mac Sheer Select Pressed Powder NW25 is my most used, recommended, re-purchased piece of make-up.

MAC says:
Micro-fine, sheer and silky. Pressed for portability. Goes on lightly. Won’t shift your shade or leave its mark. Lets skin’s natural vitality and freshness glow through. Comes with its own suede-finish sponge. Blurs lines. Makes skin look flawless.

I have to agree with every part of this. The texture of the powder is soft and fine. The compact is fragrance and shimmer free. While the powder has a sheer texture, the powder can easily be built up for superior coverage. A special mention for the puff applicator which comes with this compact must be made. It is the softest, most easy to use powder puff which picks up the powder competently and blends it effortlessly.

Mac Sheer Select Pressed Powder is available at Mac Online and Mac Stores Nationwide £19.00.

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