Friday, 29 June 2012

N-Spa Raspberry Milkshake Body Cream

My lovely boyfriend picked up N-Spa Raspberry Milkshake Body Cream for me when I sent him over to Asda to pick up a few things. I was very happy to try this out, it smelt soooo good, just like raspberry yoghurt!

The tub is easy to open, a couple of turns and you are greeted with a subtle raspberry scent, it smells very fruity! The cream is baby pink in colour and looks like it has a thick consistency.

Not much of the product is needed as if too much is used it leaves skin feeling sticky for a while until it all absorbs. I tend to use about a 50 pence piece sized blob to do each leg, this usually leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and absorbs after I've rubbed it in. After the product has been applied, I find that the fruity raspberry scent lingers for a few hours.

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