Tuesday, 3 July 2012

N-Spa Raspberry Milkshake Body Scrub

This is another present from my lovely boyfriend, I love the packaging of N-Spa products, they look just like Philosophy products. N-Spa Raspberry Milkshake Body Scrub smells amazing, sort of like raspberry flavoured kids yoghurts.

The body scrub is great to use, being in squeezy packaging means you don't have to scoop out the product and it's much less messy. The grains are seed-like and offer gentle exfoliation, whilst the rest of the formula is really moisturising, ensuring my skin felt nourished and not tight after its use. N-Spa Raspberry Milkshake Body Scrub leaves your skin super smooth and smelling amazing.

All N-Spa products can be found at www.nspa.co.uk.

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