Friday, 20 July 2012

Loreal Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan - Medium Skin

I brought Loreal Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan - Medium Skin on a whim hoping it was as good as Loreal Sublime Self Tan - Medium Skin, but I'm sorry to say it's not.

Overall it is a good gradual tanner as you can see from my pictures below. I'm quite pale (NW25) and I get some colour after just one application. It applies evently too without streaking and doesn't have typical fake tan smell, BUT....... it's incredibly greasy. Every time I applied it I felt like I was spreading lard all over my body. It's good if you are new to self-tanning because it is foolproof but there are better gradual tanners out there.

DAY 3 (Picture was taken in bad lighting)

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  1. very honest!

    love the blog style <3
    found you via BBU blog hop
    BreezeyBee Blog


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