Monday, 30 July 2012

Lush Melting Marshmallow Moment

This pretty and pink cupcake shaped bath melt is a lovely treat. The scent is yummy and super sweet and is very similar to Snow Fairy Shower Gel.

Being the first bath melt I had used I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Some reviews on the Lush website suggested breaking the product into two to get more use out of it. I decided to use the whole thing, it took a good 5 minutes for the product to dissolve completely. As the product slowly fizzed it emitted a pink foam which slowly turned white. I was hoping the melt would turn my bath water a pretty shade of pink, however it only succeeded in turning the water a murky white colour, which was disappointing.

Overall, a lovely smelling, girly product which left my skin feeling baby soft.

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