Monday, 7 May 2012

Jessica GELeration Nail Review - Week 1

Saturday I went to a Beauty Salon called Elizabeth Beauty to get my Jessica GELerations Nails done. I would highly recommend the Salon as the staff were friendly and I'm very happy with my nails.

I was interested in Jessica GELerations as I always have Bio-Gel from Nails Inc but these are so expensive I wanted to try something a bit cheaper. The colour range in GELeration is pretty impressive, I was contimplating Black but decided to go for Red. I'm happy I did as they look lovely.

I will update after having them on for a week and we shall see if they last 3-4 weeks. So far I am impressed and love that they are so shiny. Nobody could tell that they were gels as it just looks like I have nail polish on and my entire manicure took less than an hour and I loved that I walked out of the salon with completely dry nails so no risk of chipping them when paying for the manicure!

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