Tuesday, 13 March 2012

17 Magnetized Nail Polish - Black

What is 17 Magnetized Nail Polish?? The polish contains very fine magnetic metal particles and when a magnetic is hovered over the wet nail varnish....watch the effect appear.

17 Magnetized Nail Polish comes in 4 colours Black, Blue, Green & Purple. I thought I would go for black as it is a safe colour and goes with everything.

How to apply...

1. Apply a base coat of 17 Magnetized Nail Polish and make sure it's dry.

2. You need to shake the bottle well before the next coat as it mixes up the metallic particles.

3. Apply the next coat of 17 Magnetized Nail Polish (one nail at a time), hold the magnet over the nail for approx 10 seconds and watch the effect appear.

The magnet creates light grey zig-zags in the polish which, in the right light, look as if they're moving when you move your fingers. I am definitely going to be picking up more of the shades just because I'm curious to see the rest of the finished effects.

All four colours are available in Boots £5.99

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