Sunday, 22 April 2012

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Hand Cream

This product was an impulse buy! These Garnier Hand Creams were reduced to £1.99 instead of £2.99 in Superdrug so I snapped one up as I love a good hand cream.
Garnier Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Hand Cream is for moderately dry, rough hands. It contains Mango Oil so as you can imagine it is really nicely scented.

It dries quickly, and leaves your hands feeling moisturised, soft, and non-greasy. I also love the texture, it is not too runny when you squeeze it out of the tube, making it easy to control the amount of product. The only downside is that unlike its claims, it does wash out with soap, but you can always reapply anyway since it dries fast.

This is the perfect hand cream for my needs, and at £2.99, I think that's a bargain price. Will definitely be purchasing once this runs out.

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  1. Love your blog following :) I have this hand cream too I love it! I agree it smells lovely!x

  2. great review! xx


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