Friday, 20 April 2012

GOSH Nail Glitter - 13 Topaz Lavender

I was looking around Superdrug in my lunch break and stumbled across GOSH Nail Glitter. There are 10 glitters in the collection, but unfortunately only 6 were available in the store I was looking in. I picked up Topaz Lavender £4.99 each.

They're really easy to use, just paint your nails with whatever colour you like, I have used Miss Sporty - Lilac. While the nail polish is still wet, dip your finger nail into the glitter making sure it's all covered. Clean up the edges with a cotton bud dipped in some nail polish remover and voila! Bright sparkly nails!

When the glitter is applied your nails do feel a bit rough and the look will only last a couple of days. This is not a problem though as this is probably a look that would be worn for parties and nights out, rather than days in the office.

You will find Gosh Nail Glitter exclusively in Superdrug. RRP £4.99

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